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About Us

Why Choose Us

Digital Stone Crusher  is a Premier Stone Crusher and  Supply base company with clear focus on service, product , customized items & price. We believe in developing long term relationship with our clients. As a supplier company, we deal with ‘Stone Crushing’, ‘Stone Processing’ & ‘Supplying’.


We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the bonafide contracting firms having a long-standing experience in the field of construction works. We have done quite a lot of jobs of similar nature during the past few years. The recommendation attached hereto will speak about our sound technical know-how, expressed workmanship and conscientious project management.

Of the few organization which thus came up to prove their merit in this field and established to a position of appreciation and reliability, Digital Stone Crusher as prob­ably one of the most well-known ones. Digital Stone Crusher was estab­lished as a firm in the year 2011 with a view to making a significant contribution in the various field of the civil engineering construction and building works and now is recognized as one of the leading civil construction and supplier companies in the country.

The firm is manned by well- experienced engineers and other technical and professional people. Liaisons with the clients are directly maintained by the concerned person and senior key personnel assists them in the process. Senior personnel is supported by the adequate number of junior level professionals and supporting technical staff. Inter-project exchanges of expertise and manpower’s are very conveniently organized when the necessity arises.

Fact Sheet

Company Name Digital Stone Crusher
Year of Establishment 2011
Legal Status of Company Proprietorship
Certificate of Incorporation 2016
Tax Identification Number 616806501315
Nature of Business Stone Crushing and Supplying, Sand Supplying.
Total Number of Employees 45 (Forty Five)
Departments §  Management

§  Marketing

§  Production

§  Business Development

§  Accounts & Finance

§  Technical

Measurement System Cubic Meter (m³)/CFT

MT (Metric Ton) by taking Weight through Digital Scale

Production Capacity 20 MT or 500 CFT / Hour each crushing plant.

The managerial, secretarial, accounts and general staff are also well experienced and are quite conversant with various modes of technical works. We can perform the assignments with minimum supervision.

Digital Stone Crusher. attaches prime importance to following time sched­ules and principle of quality work. Time is money and quality of work is the certificate of the firm’s experience skill and reliability. These principles have been maintained in all small and big works undertaken by the firm so far.

The company undertakes all sort of building works including supplying works and fully capable of meeting all requirements in quality and in time.

The firm is well equipped with machinery and equipment for undertaking construc­tion works of all types. New equipment is constantly being acquired to keep as competitive in the profession.

Our Mission

We understand the importance of our missions and the trust our customer place in us. With this in mind, we strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.

Our Vision

Our clear vision is to provide the best in quality, cost, and customer satisfaction. Our number one commitment is to our customer’s satisfaction. We strive to bring them the highest quality material in the shortest period of time possible and to make every project with Digital Stone Crusher a pleasurable experience.

Our Value

We value our quality and performance just as much as our customers do. Therefore, our stones are sourced locally in Bangladesh and are all natural and checked for highest quality and a huge quantity stone is imported from a different country, once we are satisfied only when we supply to our valued customers. Above all, we aim to ‘make promises’, ‘enable promises’, and ‘keep promises’.


Md. Abdul Wahid - OWNER
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